About Us & DampRid

We are ODN Accessories cc established in 1999.. We've been importing and Distributing DampRid's products for the past 6 years. We believe that the time has come for the user base of DampRid's various products to purchase by the case and thereby get best prices and service. JUST TRACK THE RAND and you'll see what we mean. Why Pay Retailers mark ups when you can turn that money into value.
The Prices displayed are Delivered  in South Africa.

We hold stock in Port Elizabeth, George and Boksburg which means that delivery time will generally be within 7 days.

It is quite safe to buy in this way as until the barrier packaging is opened the Calcium Chloride will not start to work so it's quite OK to purchase a case and open each unit one at a time as needed.
As long as it's left in it's original packaging the shelf life of DampRid is in excess of two years. 

Visit our web site www.dampridsa.com where you'll find all the information that you'll need .

DampRid is the Brand of W M Barr Inc of  Memphis Tenesee.

It is being used by an increasing number of South African Consumers. We see it as the best moisture absorber Brand available. Regular  DampRid users will typically use the product in more than one location in the Home.

To make sense out of Distribution costs our internet on-line sales can only be offered in Case Lots. 

 We look forward to serving you.